What You'll got?

High rates
Safe cloud

$10to start

500DOGE bonus

1.5%per day

25%reference program

You can earning 1.5% per day.

CoinPump is a company of professionals who know how to earn a cryptocurrency. We build on the provisions of cloud mining, which allows even an ordinary user to start earning money on a cryptocurrency without buying equipment and finding a place, room (rent of electricity, rent of a premise, payment for its qualitative service).

Now we can provide the conditions for earning 1.5% in the cryptocurrency of your deposit. To get started with CoinPump, it's enough to register on our website, make a deposit and choose the cryptocurrency you want to "mine". After reaching the minimum threshold for disbursement of funds, you can deduce all that earned during this time with a rate of 1.5% per day.

We also provide good conditions not only for stable earnings, but also for regular partners who can receive from 25% of our leased mining facilities from each partner involved! All who have their blogs, YouTube channels and just good platforms with a good number of visitors can create records or other content and get bonus DOGE, which after reviewing (records and content) by the CoinPump administrationwill be credited to your account. We hope for fruitful cooperation. Together we can make a high-quality and convenient platform for earning crypto currencies!